Car & Auto Locksmith in Baltimore Maryland & DC

Car & Auto Locksmith in Baltimore Maryland & DC

All Maryland locksmiths who wish to start a business must register with the state. This is a one-time process that requires the business owner or designee to undergo both a state and federal background check.

It also requires that the business have a license and insurance coverage. This is important, because it will protect the customer in case of an error or mistake by the locksmith.


A locksmith license is required for businesses or individuals who repair, service, install, open and close locks. The applicant must submit fingerprints and pass a national and state background check. The applicant is responsible for covering the fees for these checks. He or she must also submit a completed registration of technicians form for each employee that provides locksmith services.

There are various certifications available, depending on the specialties of the locksmith. Many colleges, vocational schools and locksmith organizations offer certification programs. These programs will help you decide which certifications to pursue based on your goals and interests.

You should also consider investing in a Locksmith Management and Scheduling Tool, such as Workiz. This software will help you manage your inventory, send invoices, receive payments and view jobs at a glance. You will also need to register your business name and have a fixed address for the business. You must report any changes in your name or address to the department of labor.


In addition to being licensed, a locksmith must also have a business owners policy (BOP). This is an insurance package that provides a number of different coverages that can help in the event of a disaster. A BOP typically includes building, personal property and commercial auto coverage.

Not every job goes exactly as planned. A client might trip over a tool, causing them to fall and break their arm. Then, they might sue the locksmith for medical expenses. Professional liability coverage helps pay for legal fees and judgments awarded against the locksmith in these cases.

Commercial property insurance can help pay for renovation costs if the business’s building is destroyed by a covered peril like fire or extreme weather. It also covers business equipment and tools in the case of theft, vandalism or other losses. Some insurers even include roadside assistance for locksmith services, providing benefits like towing and battery jumpstarts. These benefits are usually capped at a certain dollar amount, so the locksmith should check with their provider to get specifics on this.


Locksmiths are security professionals who make keys and repair locks at homes, businesses and vehicles. They also install new locks. Whether you need a new lock for your business or home, a bonded locksmith will provide expert advice and personal service. They will also rekey your current locks and show you how to use them.

Locksmith insurance policies should include general liability and professional liability insurance. General liability insurance covers property damage and bodily injury that result from the locksmith’s work. It can also cover legal defense costs, settlement payments and court-ordered damages.

Professional liability insurance, which is also known as errors and omissions insurance, protects the locksmith against claims of negligence or malpractice. It is essential for any business that provides a service to customers in their homes or places of business. It may also help build trust and improve sales over time. Obtaining industry-recognized certifications is also a great way to grow a locksmith business.

Professional Membership

Locksmiths are often certified to a certain level of skill within the trade. This can be separate from certifications for specific lock systems and products. King Locksmiths only lists ALOA-certified technicians in our directory so you know that you are hiring a highly trained, reliable locksmith.

Locksmith Business License

If you own a locksmithing business, it is required by the state of Locksmith Maryland to have a state and federal locksmith business license. The owner or designee of the business must also undergo a full Federal and State criminal history records check through the Criminal Justice Information System Central Repository.

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